New York taxi covered in ice. 1974.
 Driving over the Queensboro Bridge. 1980's.
 125th Street seen from Metro North. 2013.
 Central Park in snow. 1970's.
 Empire State building reflected in puddle. 2013.
 Young girls playing ball. 1970's.
 Central Park at night. 1974.
 Times Square. 2013.
 Central Park at night. 1970's.
 Columbus Circle. 2014.
 Flying over Manhattan. 1980's.
 9 West 57 Street. 1970's.
 One World Trade Center. 2014.
 Times Square at night. 2013.
 Central Park in spring. 2014.
 One World Trade Center in fog. 2013.
 Manhattan seen from Empire State Building. 1974.
 Fireworks over Central Park. 1974.
 Central Park in fog. 1970's.
 Flying over Manhattan. 1980's.
 World Trade Center seen from New Jersey. 1980's.
 World Trade Center. 1975.
 Top of the World Trade Center. 1980's.
 Downtown Manhattan at night seen from Empire State Building.
 Manhattan skyline seen from New Jersey.
 Flying over George Washington Bridge.
 Shea stadium. Early 1970's.
 Chrysler Building. 2015.
St. Patrick's Day 2016
 Rockefeller Center. 1980's.
 New York skyline. 2016.
125th Street seen from Metro North. 2017.
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